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Why are my CU LRC Scrolling Lyrics in Chinese
Just did a clean install of Kodi 14.0. In my old Gotham AEON MQ5 setup the lyrics were fine, but now they are all garbled with a mix of English and Chinese/Japanese.

Is one of the scrapers in Kodi 14.0 not working anymore so the first lyrics found are in Chinese?

I looked in my ../ directory and I'm seeing files like:

[ti:You Belong With Me]
[ar:Taylor Swift]
[by:Starier Chan]

[00:-2.00]Taylor Swift - You Belong With Me
[00:07.66]You're on the phone with your girlfriend ,she's upset. 你正和女朋友聊电话 她不开心
[00:11.55]She's going off about something that you said 她因为你说的某些话而不高兴

I'm deleting the lyric files and trying to enable the scrapers one by one, but it looks like you have to restart KODI for CU LRC changes to take effect.
I think this is a problem with Kodi 14.0 or CU Lyrics.

I switched back to the basic Confluence skin and the Chinese characters are no longer showing up, however I see some ? characters at the end of lyric lines and the files being cached in the lyrics directory have Chinese characters in them.

I also tried to disable all the scrappers except minilyrics and ended up getting no lyrics at all so I think minilyrics isn't working in Kodi.
The lyrics are often pulled from sites in China.

Why are my CU LRC Scrolling Lyrics in Chinese00