What version is latest tvheadend addon?
I upgraded to openelec 5.0 and there was no sign of a new tvheadend client so i had to install tvheadend 0.9.8 manually. However if you do not use the pvr for an extended period of time, when i click on the pvr it will just crash kodi (with refocus skin i get a black screen where the menu is while the background/fanart remains on the rest of the screen).

Is there a newer version than 0.9.8?

Log is too big to upload (29mb), but last few lines dont appear to explain crash.

09:03:36 T:140471118288768 DEBUG: LIRC: Update - NEW at 42031371:000000037ff07bdd 00 OK mceusb (OK)
09:03:36 T:140471118288768 DEBUG: OnKey: 11 (0x0b) pressed, action is Select
09:03:36 T:140471118288768 DEBUG: Activating window ID: 10615
09:03:36 T:140471118288768 DEBUG: ------ Window Deinit (Home.xml) ------
09:03:36 T:140471118288768 DEBUG: ------ Window Init (MyPVRChannels.xml) ------
09:03:36 T:140471118288768 INFO: Loading skin file: MyPVRChannels.xml, load type: KEEP_IN_MEMORY
09:03:36 T:140471118288768 DEBUG: CGUIMediaWindow::GetDirectory (pvr://channels/tv/All TV channels/)
09:03:36 T:140471118288768 DEBUG: ParentPath = []
09:03:36 T:140471118288768 DEBUG: CPVRDirectory::GetDirectory(pvr://channels/tv/All TV channels)
09:04:05 T:140468557956864 DEBUG: Thread JobWorker 140468557956864 terminating (autodelete)
09:04:05 T:140468532778752 DEBUG: Thread JobWorker 140468532778752 terminating (autodelete)
09:04:08 T:140468666996480 DEBUG: Thread JobWorker 140468666996480 terminating (autodelete)
Are you 100% sure Refocus is Helix / Kodi compatible ?

I don't believe it is as it has not turned up in the official Kodi repositories yet.
This is the cause of your problems, that being the PVR section of the Refocus skin has not been updated yet.
When you installed Kodi all your Gotham addons and Skins were migrated over even if they are incompatible.

Also have you uninstalled the previous pvr.hts HTSP addon ?

I'm also running pvr.tvh v0.9.8 across 4 Kodi devices and not one of them crashes with any official compatible Kodi skins.

Refocus has a helix version out now but issue happened with confluence aswell so dont think its skin related.

Have diasbled any other pvr addons.

Tvheadend runs on the same pc so is on 24/7, so a lot of the time kodi is left idle witht tv screen off. Havent experienced this with any other client pcs that arent on 24/7.

Just after coming home from work and tried a movie and that started ok, then went to pvr and it crashed/froze again. Nothing different in log than what was shown in first post. WIll have a look through for any other errors.
Was this from a clean install ?
Maybe its some sort of carry over junk from Gotham that got migrated to Kodi.

Wasnt a clean install as such. Kodi is still freezing after entering any tv options after a period of not using it and nothing in the log different than first post.

i see there is a trace option in the settings so i'll try and enable that.
Trace option didnt show anything different apart from creating a massive log file.

Still constantly hanging kodi after this - CPVRDirectory::GetDirectory(pvr://channels/tv/All TV channels)
I also want to know which is the current addon for tvheadend 3.9.x? I want to try it with windows and raspberri 2.
I'm seeing tvheadend htsp client 1.9.39 and tvheadclient 0.9.3 , so i'm confused as to what is the latest after looking at this post - http://forum.kodi.tv/showthread.php?tid=214937.
(2015-02-15, 20:10)stuCONNERS Wrote: 0.9.9

Thanks, do you know where the downloads are?

You`ll probably want 0.9.8
Can you try a build from http://stalin.negge.fi/files/pvr.tvh/ and pastebin a full debug log if it still hangs/crashes?
i have been using tvheadend htsp client 1.9.39 for the last few days and havent experienced any hanging but will install 0.9.8 to see if issue reoccurs (that link was where i had gotten the build previously that was crashing).
hi negge, sent you a pm with log as its too big for pastebin etc (42mb), hope you dont mind.
Which addon is recommended?

I am still switching between both, but I am not sure which to use.

Furthermore there are two repositories, which one to choose?
https://github.com/adamsutton/xbmc-pvr-addons or https://github.com/opdenkamp/xbmc-pvr-addons

In the first one Adam Sutton seems to be more active.

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