Win HOW TO - Configure a Logitech Harmony Remote for Kodi

Devices are added from the Harmony remote software. Currently, there are two versions of this desktop application:

MyHarmony: For newer remotes, delivering a visual-oriented approach to set up.


Logitech Harmony Remote Software: For legacy remotes, relying more on drop-down menus and tab-based navigation.


You are not cheating yourself regardless of what type of software you use, as the options remain virtually identical between the two.

Adding Microsoft eHome Devices

Two devices should be added from the Devices tab. The first device, MCE Keyboard, is comprised of simple key presses found on the keyboard face. The second device, Windows Media Center SE, is pre-configured for Windows Media Center and includes numerous multi-key commands. Either device may work well on its own, and many commands are repeated across devices. To increase flexibility in designing a keymap, it is recommended to use both devices.

Add Device 1 – MCE Keyboard

  • Manufacturer: Microsoft
  • Model: MCE Keyboard

Legacy Software:
  • Media Center PC --> Microsoft --> MCE Keyboard

Add Device 2 – Windows Media Center SE

  • Manufacturer: Microsoft
  • Model: Windows Media Center SE

Legacy Software:
  • Media Center PC --> Microsoft --> Windows Media Center SE

Adding Non-eHome Devices

To add a non-eHome device, you must first determine the device’s manufacturer and product number. For example, this MCE remote is advertised below at Amazon:


Some research reveals the remote is manufactured by ORtek and its model number is listed as VRC-1100. To retrieve its command list from the Harmony database, the device is added as follows:

  • Manufacturer: ORtek
  • Model: VRC-1100

Legacy Software:
  • Media Center PC --> ORtek --> VRC-1100

Most commands for non-eHome devices are taken directly from Window Media Center. The command list will vary from device to device.

Flirc Users: Users of Flirc should treat the receiver as a non-eHome device. Flirc has its own Kodi profile in the Harmony database: Manufacturer - Flirc; Model - Kodi. Any additional custom button mapping should be done with the Flirc software.

Harmony Hub Bluetooth: If Bluetooth pairing is used, users of the Harmony Hub should also treat it as a non-eHome device. The correct device is: Manufacturer - Microsoft; Model - Kodi. Once the correct device is added, configuring the remote face is a matter of following the same steps as users with IR receivers.
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