v13 TV Shows will not import
I've read and tried everything I can find about similar issues with TV shows importing, but nothing seems to work.

After replacing my media HDD with a larger one not all of my shows will import back in to XBMC. Everything is set up identically as it was before. I set up sharing for the drive, wiped out and rebuilt my SQL databases, removed and re-added my sources, and deleted the local db files in the XBMC folder on my C drive.

The weird thing is that certain shows import fine. At first I thought it may have just been shows with .nfo's, but that doesn't seem to be the case. Many episodes that previously imported fine will no longer import, but random new episodes will. Better Call Saul, for example, imports in to XBMC no problem. New episodes of Justified or Shameless, for example, will not.

I have tried a couple different folder structures, including the one recommended on the wiki with no luck. I think it is odd that shows like Better Call Saul will import fine with no .nfos and the same folder structure as Justified, but Justified will not import.

I've dabbled with XBMC for many years and have never had any issues I couldn't resolve eventually, but this one has me at a loss. Any help would be greatly appreciated! I don't have any experience reading the logs, but I'll post mine below in the hopes that it means something to one of you kind and helpful souls.


can you post another log, but with debug logging enabled upon startup? enable debug logging, exit kodi, re-open kodi and let it update the library, exit kodi, then paste the log?
Here is the new log. Thank you for your help!

Update: To narrow down the source of the issue I removed the SQL network source from XBMC last night and cleaned my library so nothing remained. I then closed out of XBMC and removed the advancedsettings.xml pointing to my SQL source from the appdata XBMC folder and deleted the video folder from thumbnails. I then re-opened XBMC and set a new source for my TV shows as the local folder on my HDD and had it scan everything in. It still only imported the same fraction of my tv shows.

This seems to indicate that the issue is not due to my SQL setup or sharing settings... Is there anything I may have forgotten to do?

When I filter down through the files in XBMC all of my shows are available and watchable, but there is no info for the ones that XBMC's scraper refuses to import.
At the expense of exposing myself as a fool I wanted to post an update regarding how I managed to resolve this incase anyone else runs in to the same problem.

It turns out that in my TV scraper settings Absolute Ordering got checked at some point. I still don't fully understand why this had the effect it did as it seemed to only effect certain shows at random, but changing the setting back to DVD order worked like a charm.

Of course it was something absurdly small, but it sure caused me my fair share of headaches.

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