Kodi DSPlayer – DirectShow Player for Windows
(2015-04-06, 03:56)oldpoem Wrote:
(2015-04-05, 23:27)hentai23 Wrote: and an update on the GUI lag ...well according to this thread according to nevcairiel having kodi use a seperate renderer for the OSD elements would fix any said lag , i recon this would be the way to go since any other method such as lowering gpu queue introduces dropped frames in your playback and even then the lowest gpu queue could go is 4 and thats still 4 frames of OSD lag not to mention it about breaks madvr aka tons of dropped frames plus broken deinterlacing galore , not good , apparently zoomplayer uses a algorithm with madvr that fixes the OSD lag , that potplayer nor kodi can do according to him

check out both posts by huhn and nevcairiel here , http://forum.doom9.org/showthread.php?p=...ost1716167

i knew this wouldnt be a easy fix , damn it

I doubt it can be done with Kodi though. Because we ran Kodi / Playback in fullscreen most of the time. When Video playback is in fullscreen a Video renderer acquired whole device (in this case madVR). Anything writing on it (OSD) even as a layer has to write on it's renderer not a separated one.

well i sure as hell hope we can find a solution to this , since OSD lag is apparent for potplayer and mpchc as well , checkout the latest replys over at doom9 ive linked too, as well will i be forwarding a few kodi devs to this thread and doom9s , we ought to get this fixed , not only is the OSD lag horrible even with setting gpu queue to 4 you effectively are getting 4 frames of lag , hardly noticeable but drawback of this is it essentially breakes playback, and even with this , theres still lag as all hell when you backout to kodi GUIs Home screen and navigate around while playback is still active, this really needs fixing, perhaps even a collaboration between kodi devs , aracnoz and madshi

ok so ive opened a thread over at the dev section here :


now we wait and see what happens , i sure hope they take this request seriously so aracnoz and madshi can help to get this big issue solved not to mention finally dsplayer build receiving the attention it deserves

i dont think this would help any with the current issue , right ?


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