Kodi DSPlayer – DirectShow Player for Windows
(2015-04-08, 01:14)hentai23 Wrote: yes we are making progress indeed , btw what? please repeat youre sentence in english oldpoem , since warner306 seems to misunderstand what youve said ill help out with that for a sec ,what oldpoem meant was that audio playback was working but actual video playback was blacked out using aracnozs prerelease madvr dsplayer kodi build , from what i was able to piece together

so no this issue has not been solved and still needs to be worked on, since as of currently theres OSD lag and the issue of GUI lag during playback backout to kodi homescreen

Nope. I meant aracnoz said he fixed this so called lag issue (at least in his pre-release build). But discarded it since it wouldn't make use of full madVR feature because of it would use only backbuffer (which exclude present several frames in advance)

So I tried disable "present severall frames in advance" completely, it revert to backbuffer only. The lag issue is gone. It's just in my system background video is black with only audio playing. But the home menu navigating is fluid with no noticeable lag.

Also from Madshi & Aracnoz said from doom9 thread & this thread ,seem like it works like this by design and both says they felt it works fine with using remote control as intended by Kodi (don't use mouse). Madshi himself see it as low priority issue.

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