Kodi DSPlayer – DirectShow Player for Windows
(2015-04-24, 11:29)XTrojan Wrote:
(2015-04-23, 20:23)Warner306 Wrote:
(2015-04-23, 17:50)XTrojan Wrote: Is it possible to configure Kodi to play Frame Packed 3D by using CoreAVC 3D video decoder?

I have Stereoscopic player and have it listed, but since Kodi hasn't got frame-packed 3D "Mode" i didn't bother trying it.

You could try. It might be just as easy to load an external player and add the word "3D" to each of these files. That way, you could create a player rule for all files with the string 3D.

That's what i did, but the GUI of kodi + the subtitle service makes it superior if it'd work.
Didn't bother though as you need to choose "Intel Stereo Driver" as 3D renderer(not MadVR) which i can't find on Kodi.

I seem to have Judder or Tearing, can't tell but it's not a frame drop or repeat as that doesn't happen once in the movie, i should say this happens rarely though (maybe 5 times per movie)?

I tried using exclusive fullscreen + kodi fullscreen but as soon i close Kodi it freezes/crashes, i can once one of them fullscreen though, which one is to go to enable V-Sync?

Setup Is Intel HD 4600 With MadVR/Reclock/LAV Filters.

I bet you are going over the rendering queue, which is causing the frame dip. ReClock should eliminate frame repeats, but this sounds different. You have to be careful with your settings when using a low-powered GPU like the HD 4600. Make sure your rendering queues are in the 32-35 ms range.

fullscreen exclusive mode is not compatible with every graphics card. The best set-up for you might be to set Kodi to a true fullscreen and madVR to windowed mode. That could also eliminate the tearing.

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