Kodi DSPlayer – DirectShow Player for Windows

there is definitely a problem on files with only one stream, so @tiben20 if you already know where there is the problem it's all yours Smile

the strange thing it's that dsplayer fails somewhere again with texture, i'm can reproduce the issue for the only one stream but not the resulting textures error
you should set kodi in debug mode as suggested here http://forum.kodi.tv/showthread.php?tid=...pid1996487
anyway are you able to reproduce the error with the textures everytime that blackclipping fails to load?

(2015-05-17, 23:44)djoole Wrote: As for multi parts videos, you say "you can go back until the video appear".
What do you mean by go back?

pressing backspace, but some skins manage these things in different way, anyway this will work only if you are in the navigation screen, not if you have a blackscreen with kodi unresponsive

the important thing it's to see why madvr sometimes was failing to enter in exclusive mode with the second file generating a madvr freeze report

(2015-05-18, 09:14)TMDaines Wrote: I have a problem when I pause a video. Unless I resume watching within a minute or so, the video does not resume correctly. If I resume after pausing for several minutes, the video remains frozen but the sound resumes in the background. The only solution seems to be to kill Kodi and start again. Does anyone have similar?

it's probably a consequence of gpu load with madVR during pause... i will post a new build later with a fix that could solve your case

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