Kodi DSPlayer – DirectShow Player for Windows
(2015-06-20, 20:00)Warner306 Wrote: Use ReClock as your audio renderer.

I've tried, configured Reclock in both wasapi exclusive and allowing bistream, because i thought it was the configuration which will create what i want. Supported audio format by audio receiver send in bitstream directly to it (ac3, dts, dts-hd, TrueHD, etc...) and unsuported decoded and send in PCM with the same number of channels than the source file.
Result was automatic faillure/reject when both of my no-regression test files received "unsuported audio format" message from Reclok ! But on one file, i've been able to get 2 channels.
I've tried, but clearly and unfortunately, the dsplayer version is not compliant with my files and my expectations.

Unless the reclock configuration for the behavior i expect is not the one i've made.

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