Kodi DSPlayer – DirectShow Player for Windows
(2015-08-11, 08:22)Cinder Wrote: I'm having an issue with embedded subtitles in DSPlayer. Mostly I have to download external ones from Opensubtitles because when I go to select the embedded ones (and I can see there often are several in the menu) they do not show on playback. What is the reason for this, I feel like I've had this issue before on and off? I believe this doesn't happen with vanilla Kodi, only with DSPlayer.

I had same problem with some files with internal Vobsub / PGS subtitles. Internal text subtitles is usually fine. Switch to XyVSfilter and the problems went away. So you might try that as well.

On my system & some files xySubfilter was the culprit.

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