Kodi DSPlayer – DirectShow Player for Windows
(2015-09-13, 15:32)XTrojan Wrote: I got it fixed but disabled it again, my TV either doesn't like "Interpolation" or it's just common on blurays to have artifacts on sharp scenes with mixed colors.

I tried SVP and the TVs interpolation itself, same result, on sharp scenes with major color changes = artifacts, guess i won't be able to get smooth motion without frame blending which causes a blurry image Confused.

For some reason the smoothest i could get is playing at 50Hz with speeding the video up to 25Hz.

I hope the new UHD Blu-ray format gets here fast since it's gonna have natural 60p playback so we'll have to skip this interpolation or blending bullcrap.

There're always tradeoff because real film shot in 24fps manner except special case like Avatar. You need to configure SVP to get less artifact and suit your system but there isn't universal template and require trial & error. I prefer SVP for anime which gives me a much smoorher and better overall quality. Sometimes I watched TV Show with it too. Much better viewing experience for me than madvr smoothmotion.

It's subjective whether you prefer smooth viewing but artifacts here and there or no artifacts but small judder here and there. It's a choice you probably has to chose it yourself.

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