Kodi DSPlayer – DirectShow Player for Windows
(2015-10-14, 19:15)hu1kamania Wrote:
(2015-10-13, 20:44)Warner306 Wrote:
(2015-10-13, 17:37)hu1kamania Wrote: Potential bug:

Missing the LAV Audio Filters internal option to set "Enable Audio Delay". When I load the LAV Audio interface through the DSplayer sub-menu in Kodi the "Enable Audio Delay" option will not save after hitting "apply", and "ok". If I set the option through the LAV Audio interface menu after I start a video the option stays put until I close out the video and start a new one.

I don't know where the options are saved to, or I would try to set the Audio Delay from the configuration file. With LAV + MPC-HC it's in the registry, but I could not find a corresponding option for DSPlayer.


Audio delays should not be set in LAV Audio. I believe Kodi's internal audio delay will override this value. The best way to set a fixed audio delay is via advancedsettings.xml as described in this post: 2033893 (post).

Thanks! It's an interesting phenomena, and I'm surprised Reclock doesn't fix the issue. I haven't had time to fully test it, but I believe this work around did the trick. An option to set this from within Kodi would still be ideal.

ReClock fixes the sync between the audio and video clocks. But 24p audio delay is caused by something else. There is an entire thread dedicated to this topic and the cause remains unclear.

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