Kodi DSPlayer – DirectShow Player for Windows
(2015-11-27, 12:39)afedchin Wrote: Just to be honest. I as one developer who supports windows platform (yes, it's me) I don't want to support a huge "black box" like DSPlayer is for me. I'm alone and have no time enough for core Kodi not even speaking about DSPlayer. The main problem of DSPlayer for me as windows developer: there is no a possibility to use madVR renderer without DirectShow filters. If there is a some way to use madVR (through COM) just as another renderer like DXVA, Pixel Shaders or Software, I would be glad to try to implement an integration. But current state of DSPlayer in not acceptable not only for me but for all devs in the team whether you like it or not. Also I didn't like what madVR isn't open source project and I'm realy don't like to working with closed source projects.
I understand what you are saying. And, if it could be a positive indication, aracnoz reinstated support for EVR specifically because madVR was not open source and could not be easily distributed together with an open source work (that's how I understood it, at least). In any case... he explicitly said he was willing to go the way of addons. In that case you wouldn't have had to support any kind of black box, would you have?

And thanks, many, many thanks for keeping the Windows platform in working (and developing) conditions. Thank you.

And to everybody, please (and sorry for bold type but I feel this needs to be clear beyond doubts):

aracnoz stated that he was willing to work toward making DSPlayer an addon, once (and if) the Video Player work by FernetMenta allowed for it.

(2015-11-18, 02:36)aracnoz Wrote: anway when i saw this thread the first time I thought that the final goal was the possibility to have differents videoplayer as binary addons

if one day Kodi will reach this result i will ready to move DSPlayer in that direction
Let's stop the discussion from facing a situation that was never there. aracnoz never demanded to be included in Kodi mainline to keep on working. He asked about it. And when it was clear that that was not doable replied with the above (emphasis mine).
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