Kodi DSPlayer – DirectShow Player for Windows
(2015-12-03, 11:43)oldpoem Wrote:
(2015-12-03, 11:05)da-anda Wrote:
(2015-12-02, 20:43)Warner306 Wrote: Movie and TV show releases should be available for download in sizes ranging from uncompressed to highly-compressed. Add multi-device support and cheaper than retail prices, and many people would buy movies rather than pirate them. The Kaleidoscope store is one such option for uncompressed Blu-rays, but you have to use Kaleidoscope. I want to buy movies like songs, where I can play back media on any compatible MKV player. You risk pirating, but many people would want the security of buying from a trusted source. It is just a matter pricing the content correctly.

When fiber optic Internet is more common and large storage is cheap, this would be my preferred means of buying and watching movie and TV shows. Options like the iTunes Store are not good enough. Compression is too high and being tethered to iTunes is too limiting.
agreed. I never ever gonna buy a digital copy of a movie for the same or at times even a higher price than the blu-ray, while the digital copy has a much much worse picture and sound quality in addition. Even renting movies on Prime or GooglePlay is much more expensive then renting the blu-ray and have it shipped to your home. So there is no wonder that movie/tv-show streaming is not that popular and likely never will be if they don't adjust the prices. For 5€ I can either rent one movie in "HD" and have to finish it within 2 days or get 2 blu-rays delivered to my home and can finish them in one month - guess what I do.

I guess you download illegal copies off internet? Tongue

That's a rather wild assumption to make, considering he already quotes his source - perhaps a little more comprehension required next time, before engaging figures to type.

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