v14 How do I remove an album from the library?
How do I remove single albums from the library without having to delete the database and start again?
Physically remove the album, then navigate through the settings to the "Clean music library" option . (I assume the album you wish to remove is a music album) Those steps should do the trick.
Thanks - yes it is a music album that is not stored in my library directory just in my music collection - I do not want to delete the actual mp3 files and was wondering whether there is another way of doing that does not involve deleting the whole database...
I've never found an elegant way, although I'm sure there must be one. Renaming the directory containing the files and cleaning the library as jac55 suggests will work - you just need to be careful not to immediately re-scrape it back in again under that or the original (e.g. renamed back again) directory name.


Just read a couple of old and not-so-old threads... apparently, there's deliberately no 'remove from library' option, as the presumption is that if it's there, you want it in your library, and if you don't want it in your library, you don't want it at all and should delete the files.

If you're simply removing something temporarily to update tags then there's no reason to delete it instead of simply re-scanning and getting the updated tags that way.

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How do I remove an album from the library?0
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