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Hi all,

This is my first post and my first plugin. Some times ago I decided to look at possible replacement for the default KODI web interface but was somehow not really satisfied with existing add-ons. I then said to myself why not try to develop your own and see where it goes. Arch was born. Today I finally manage to have something stable and usable enough to be shared with the community.

Screen shots

watch gallery

Download and Install

You can manually download and then install the add-on from webinterface.arch.0.1.0.zip

  • Control your KODI host
  • Browse all your movies, tv shows and musics
  • See what's currently playing
  • Discover new movies and tv shows
  • Pulsar integration for video that are not yet part of your library
  • Work with touch screens PC/tablets

Release History

0.1.0 - Initial version

Note: As of now Arch has been mainly tested using Chrome and Chrome for android. It should also work with the latest version of Firefox and IE.
What a nice first post. The interface looks awesome Big Grin
Please consider to submit it to the official repository
Ahhh it seems it's not working with v15... Any chance for an update?
Anyone? It'd be a pity if work on this stopped... Sad
I can confirm that version 2.0.2 is working with v15, BUT:

- Using Safari the web interface has layout issues and is very unresponsive
- Using any browser the interface uses significant CPU power
Would be good to get this up on GitHUB so others can collaborate...

Nice interface indeed!

EDIT: https://github.com/abricot/webinterface.arch
Is there any word on this getting updates and any info?
This is a beautiful concept and interface. I have two issues though a) The trakt integration does not seem to work e.g. when I add movie to my collection via arch it is not reflected in my trakt profile although arch states it is collected. (arch is authotized for trakt) b) I was not able to get pulsar support to work. How does one do this correctly? Whenever I click any of the 3 play buttons on a movie site the trailer starts to play in kodi.

I hope this project will thrive and get it's well deserved attention by the community.
I have this on two osmc devices both with the same build, one gets a green check mark and works perfectly while the other has a red x on the top right side next to the paypal icon. Can anyone assist in why that might be the case?

Nothing works with the red x, no remote, no poster nothing.
I have the same problem as jebise. I am using Kodi 16.0 and all I get is the red X and a continuous "LOADING" in the main window. Is this supposed to work with Jarvis?
Current Kodi: 20.2, Mariadb 10.2 running on Unraid server.
Hello, i want to know if arch is alway under développement because i love it
Github says the last activity was 7 days ago so yes its still being developed Wink

Is it possible to get the latest version in repositories?
Currently there's 2.0.3 and it seems that latest is 2.0.4 (looking and changesets on github).

There are some useful improvements, so I would like to get the latest version Smile
When it's still not loading, be sure to also forward port 9090 (API port). The web interface also needs to connect to the API. This was the fix for my issue. Smile
(2016-10-07, 09:40)InjecTioN Wrote: When it's still not loading, be sure to also forward port 9090 (API port). The web interface also needs to connect to the API. This was the fix for my issue. Smile

Please explain this a bit.
The web interface shows loading - nothing happens.
Meaning I can not make any changes.

However, I can do SSH to it.
Would that help? Assuming yes - what should I do?

Thanks - Will

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