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Windows - [DX11] Screensaver Shadertoy
Sreensaver Shadertoy

This addon is screensaver which uses random presets (shaders) to display various animated effects. All shaders are taken from Shadertoy website.

Note This addon requires DirectX 11 version of the Kodi (Windows DirectX 11 upgrade test thread)


watch gallery

How-to install this add-on:

Get latest test version from my git repo at and install from Zip File.

Change Log

v1.0.0 (May 22, 2015) :
- initial release
Neat. Will you carry a gl port?
@ironic_monkey, If someone will help with it, why not? Screensaver will be same as visualization.shadertoy except audio part.
saw this if this helps!

Is something diffrent than this shadertoy released by popcornmix?
(2015-08-20, 19:31)gienkollo Wrote: Is something diffrent than this shadertoy released by popcornmix?
yes, this one works on Windows Wink
Yay Windows!
Enjoying this screen blanker a lot, - Thank-You -

Checked all the shader toy visualizations, to find 'Worley Noise Waters' was the only one that black screened on preview. I grabbed the git hub v1.02 and I noticed Linux visualization.shadertoy, I tried to make it work without sucess. Would really like to see this on a windows set-up (I'm running milkdrop2) so if you need some testing. Favourite visual so far is 'file' but all the plasma are great.

AMD HD 5770, win7/64 skin T! Jarvis RC3

I guess I'm have to eat crow...I don't know how I missed it, here's Shadertoy in visualizations with Jarvis (skin T!)


Wondering now if I can move some of the screen blanker routines into the visualizations easily?
Please, how this screensaver to get on linux?
According to the OP, you will need a version of Linux which includes DirectX 11.
(2016-03-08, 23:49)beeswax Wrote: According to the OP, you will need a version of Linux which includes DirectX 11.

Big fan of shadertoys, and love the Kodi add-on. Thank you.

Two questions:
1) Any chance of an updated version where the presets list isn't hardcoded? Would be nice to be able to add additional presets without having to alter the source code.
2) Any plans for an audio-reactive music visualization version?
Currently there is no chance to get updates on this, I have no time to support it.
it works ! both (Screensaver and some Vizualisations) in FullHD
..fine on my new RP3b with OSMC. Thank you ;-)
Jarvis 16.1 | UBUNTU 16.04 | MSI B85-G41 PC MATE | intel i5 | GeForce GTX 750Ti | 16GB | SSD |
Jarvis 16.1 | OSMC 2016.09-1 | Raspberry Pi3b |

after this screensaver is running and i try to stop it kodi crashes or it just kicks me out to windows desktop? Any idea why?
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[DX11] Screensaver Shadertoy00