Windows 10 secondary monitor
Hi All.

First time poster here on the forums but old XBMC now Kodi user.
I have an issue with Kodi running properly on my displays.

HW Setup
Motherboard Asus Z87-ws
CPU Intel Core i7 [email protected]
Graphic Card EVGA GeForce GTX 780 SC (03G-P4-2783-KR)
Nvidia Driver 352.82

ASUS PB287Q @ 3840x2160 60Hz (DisplayPort) 150% scaling
Dell 2001FP @ 1600*1200 60Hz (DVI-D) 100% scaling

Operating System
Microsoft Windows 10 Build 10074

Kodi Version
14.2 and 15.0 Isengard beta1

When I have my Asus monitor configured as primary monitor in windows and kodi it displays correctly.
If switching settings to run on secondary monitor in Kodi -> System -> Video output -> Display Mode Full Screen #2 then Kodi will be a 1067x800 window on the ASUS monitor instead for fullscreen on the Dell 2001.
I can run Kodi in window mode and move it over to the Dell screen and maximize it as a work around but it is not "true" fullscreen.

Changing so the the Dell monitor is primary in windows display settings and Kodi configured as full screen #1 Kodi will then run with a 1067x800 on the Dell monitor "attached" to the top left corner.
Switching to Full Screen #2 (Asus) half of the application is on the ASUS monitor and remaining is on the DELL monitor.

My guess is that microsoft has done something that broke how Kodi can switch monitors.
I previously ran windows 7 and had no issues switching between the monitors but can not talk to windows 8 or 8.1 with this monitor setup.

kodi.log on google drive
Windows 10 has a lot issues with dx9 applications. First of all I suggest to update your windows 10 to the latest build 10122 and update video drivers. Or you can try DirectX11 test version of Kodi
Thank you afedchin

I took your advice and updated to latest version of win 10 and verified I had the latest drivers for my graphic card and updated to the DX11 test version.
Unfortunately the problem persist.
I will create a post on the DX11 thread with my findings and debug log.

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