Now We Know Why Amazon Has Rejected Kodi
(2015-06-23, 15:16)wrxtasy Wrote: I applaud you for having such a confident view of likely legal outcomes moving forward into the Future, especially when legislation can be revisited and revised in 18 months to suit the political will at that time.
I can state the bleeding obvious with confidence, yes.
You've gone from 'I expect it won't be long before this site's blacklisted' to 'the law might change.'

Edit: to 'La la la la la la la.'
Thank for your insightful Case Precedence and definition of Legislative terms from the "Dictionary".
I'm feeling all warm and reassured now, that this sort of draconian legislation will not have unintended consequences.

One Consequence I can control...
Control Panel > Ignore List > Add Users to your Ignore List > Username(s): trogggy

Great, now we can all move on :-)

By the way, I sideloaded the isengaard beta 2 onto one of my firetv sticks and it works great.

Of course, I had to use the llama trick to launch it through another app's icon, but it works. I hope Martijn's new library mod for including upnp streams in the regular movie and TV show libraries makes it into final because using upnp through "files" is not the prettiest or the most streamlined option but works nonetheless
(2015-06-23, 14:12)wrxtasy Wrote: @ troggy > Which Website do you think the Kodi Media player actually originates from then ?

(2015-06-23, 00:25)Ned Scott Wrote: I'm not even a fan of the list on the Wiki, because it's basically giving people a list of add-ons to look for.

No, you don't fight an image by legitimizing it front and center. We've already been doing "more", and just because Amazon was a shit about something doesn't mean we have to kick it up a notch. That's a knee-jerk reaction that doesn't actually look at the real situation.
I will re-iterate Kodi DOES have a Addon Image problem that will affect it going into the Future, let me give a practical example beyond the minor Amazon issue.
A "real world" basic google search for the terms "Kodi Addons"

The first five links all contain mentions of Kodi Banned addons facilitating Piracy, Even YouTube instructions on how to install them for god sake. If the Kodi Team do not think this is a Public Relations nightmare, well then something is wrong.

This is all true, but putting a big message on our website that says "Please stop using Kodi for piracy" makes it worse.

If a political representative cheats on his wife with a hooker, he doesn't put up a banner that says "stop asking me about hookers" on his website. Instead, he posts a picture with his wife and shows he's moved on and is a family man again. You don't reenforce the negative, you show the alternative. You don't motivate people by saying "stop sucking", you motivate them by saying "do your best".

You avoid the negative, because that reminds people of it. You can talk about it when directly questioned or when you absolutely have to, but putting it front and center on a website is the worst thing one could do. Instead, you lead by example and show people the image you want them to associate with. You show them how Kodi is used all over the world for legitimate purposes.

(2015-06-23, 00:25)Ned Scott Wrote: Google approves us, Nvidia, Dell, and other major companies are working with us...
Until they get tapped on the shoulder, by a change in Company Business Practices or pressured by external parties due to the widely viewed Public example I have given above.
Then shame on them, if that ever happens. Any company, including Amazon who should know better, who bans us for these reasons can go fuck themselves. We don't want business partners who are as shallow as Amazon. Don't you get it? The pirate add-ons might have contributed to this, but Amazon still did the wrong thing. We should never change what we do just to make assholes like that happy.

Quote:The Banned Add-on policy either up front or I would think the more preferable behind the scenes (in the Kodi source code or Repo interrogation) needs a rethink.

Why give Media distribution companies any lame excuse to remove the Kodi App from their stores ? Which in the end may seem minor to the Kodi Team but actually does inconvenience some end users who are also part of the broader Kodi community.

Again, if those companies do that, then we don't want to be there. If the users complain about it, I don't care about that either. I really don't. We could make things super convenient to users by ripping off code and breaking the GPL, but we don't do that either. Having to download a link in a browser, and then open that file, is not hard. Sure, being in a store is an added bonus, and we would rather it be as easy as possible, but the alternative is perfectly fine.

We're not a company. We are not trying to grow our userbase at the cost of our values. The suggestion that we should do otherwise is offensive.

EDIT: I know you don't mean anything wrong by your suggestion, and from your perspective you are just saying that we should be more proactive. I agree with that general idea. I'm sorry if I come across strongly on this, but as you can probably tell by now, people who are involved in open source projects tend to be very passionate about certain things :)
And that passion for Kodi and Open Source is exactly why we are having this discussion here.

I may at times be playing the Devils Advocate and bring up discussion points that no Kodi user wants to hear or thinks are outlandish, but if it gets users talking and the Kodi devs. considering only subtle changes to the way Kodi operates, without compromising its core values.
Well then thats a discussion worth having IMHO.

Very true, and this discussion has at least inspired me to try some ideas I've had :)
Bottom line:
We are what we are, they are what they are. We try our best to make things as easy as possible for our users and we accommodate those guys as far as we can.
It doesn't work out? Too bad, move along. Lambda aftv users are punished, not us...
One thing that's being lost in this discussion is that up until a week ago (when Kodi appeared in the Play Store) the Fire was the closest to a plug and play Kodi system out there. Everyone would tell you how easy it is. The only issue was the icon, and that didn't even matter because of third party launchers.

The other thing that's being lost is it's still easier than setting it up on Windows, Linux, Raspberry Pi, Open Elec, Apple TV and everything else. If you can figure out how to install any Windows program you'll have no problem loading and updating Kodi on a Fire TV.

Time to give it a rest, and admit it's no big deal for anyone capable of finding this forum.

And one more thing. As for being a vehicle for piracy. Show me one P2P hound who doesn't love Kodi and I'll show you someone who doesn't know what they're doing.

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