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FATX Naming/Renaming
Irked by the FATX restrictions and utterly unable to find a file renamer that was even slightly configurable ...I gave up and developed my own

I've got it to the stage where it will recurse (or not) your folders and generate FATX-legal file/directory names.

It handles the annoying + , ; = symbols
It handles language translation - such as replacing a "ß" with "ss", "á" with "a", etc
It even has algorithms to strip out all spaces and CamelText the name,
or remove anything in ()'s at the end, etc.
And a config file which allows you to give "search and replace" strings such as "four"->"4", "Love"->"Luv", "introduction"->"intro", etc.

Other heuristics are compiled-in you will need to open suggest.c and juggle the heuristics around if you dont like my preferred order. The code is well commented ('cos I'm an anal retentive).

Why am I posting.
1. to let you know it exists
2. if people want to use it, i need to come up with a way to move the heuristics into the config file ...i'd rather avoid regex if possible in the vain hope of being user-friendly - so I need feedback on what heuristics people want, and ideas on how they can be described.

If we can get it working well enough, there is no reason it should not be inserted into XBMC, so long as it can run in "full-auto" mode. There is no reason why the FTP and MyFiles interfaces should not make this a transparent operation.

The source, and a cygwin exe can be found here:

I don't run linux, but the source SHOULD work fine. I'm happy to receive linux compatability patches if required.

At this time, it does not rename() anything ...I'd rather get people to look at the output .log files and tell me if they would be happy with the proposed changes, rather than risk people doing horrible damage to their filing system with this alpha release.

Thanks for writing this. I'm not a dev, so I can't make much use of this code. I'd still like to thank you anyways for taking the time to write this. XBMC's renamer is kind of kludgy, and this should bring it up to speed.
I also have been frustrated by the other renaming tools.

I am watching your progress with enthusiasm.


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