Chromebox. OpenELEC or Ubuntu?
I just bought an ASUS Chromebox M004U Celeron 2955U and I was planning to install OpenELEC as described in this wiki:
Chromebox (wiki)
However, I just found that OpenELEC doesn't support internet browsers (Firefox).
So, my first question is... Is it true that OpenELEC doesn't support browsers?
Second. If I install Ubuntu, can I hava a good experience with Kodi?
Thank you!
Both work fine. Just do what the wiki tells.

Ubuntu is a bit more work at the start, as vaapi, kernel need to be updated. OpenELEC ships that all out of the box.

So choice is with you :-)

OpenELEC has a chromium addon.
First decide what functions / features you expect from a system. Then decide for the hardware. Don't waste your money on crap.
Wow, many thanks for the super fast reply.
I will install OpenELEC and check the chromium addon!
I installed OpenELEC with Kodi and it seems to be working great.
How can I install now the OpenELEC Chromium addon? I don't even know if I can close the Kodi program (or need to).
Thanks again!
AFAIR you have to enable the unofficial repository and grab it from here.
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