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skarragallagher Offline
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Definitely interested in that
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(2017-09-13 16:13)jcato Wrote:  Was the ability to automatically mark strms watched ever added? If not, is there interest in doing it?


(2017-09-13 16:33)skarragallagher Wrote:  Definitely interested in that
I didn't add strm support yet... however If you due scrape a strm into Kodis library it should track watched status.
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dexdeadly Offline
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Just wanted to confirm. If I wanted to get these to add to my library I need the Pseudo Library plugin? I found the forum on here but it was marked as old and a last update back in 2015. However it looks like the GitHub was updated back 10 months ago. Is this the best way? I'm looking for 100% clean integration and this plugin is great. Having this little extra would be perfect for me. Especially making it easier for my wife to get to things. Without search she gets frustrated having to try clicking through a bunch of things lol.
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