keyboard.xml not being interpreted by kodi

i hope i am in the right thread.. so.. here my problem:

i have a minix running android with kodi ( and a neo a2 lite airmouse (

since nobody could help me with my other issue (230080 (thread)) i am tryning to modify some keys on the remote so i have a quicker access to my needed functions.

so i found the following resources
MINIX_A2 (wiki)
Keymaps (wiki)

which i followed and created with notepad++ and xml spy (for validation) the following "keyboard.xml" file:

and put it in the folder Android/data/org.xbmc.kodi/files/.kodi/userdata/keypmap/

but looks like the 3 buttons stil (after comlpete restart) have the normal behaviour instead the new behaviour.

what am i doing wrong?

many links, but the important one to the Debug Log is missing...

oh and /data/org.xbmc.kodi/files/.kodi/userdata/keypmap/ is definitely wrong, its keymaps
hi Smile

oh.. logs.. smart Big Grin
ok.. they should be here..

and the folder name was just a typo .. keymaps of course Smile
the file has to be in /storage/emulated/0/Android/data/org.xbmc.kodi/files/.kodi/userdata/keymaps/
hmm.. funny thing
.. so copied the file
went to the directory you mentioned
.. and the files was already there ..
i pasted the file anyway and replaced the other file
started kodi .. but guess what .. does not work Sad
well, then get rid of the banned addons crap and try with a clean userdata dir.
how do you mean?
what is banned? and how do i get rid of it?
(2015-08-27, 21:08)speedyrules Wrote: how do you mean?
what is banned? and how do i get rid of it?

Refer to Official:Forum_rules/Banned_add-ons (wiki) and Add-on_manager (wiki)
oh, ok .. in fact i have some of these addons installed..

i do appreciate your help, but one general question:
if - like it was assumed - the "banned addons crap" are the issue; is there a defect in kodi that actually let this addons interfere so much the application?
like maybe the addons API (or any other components) has weaknesses which should be fixed so no addons can't interfere the whole kodi system that badly?
why does kodi not block access violations (during installation and use)?

and another "critical" question:
my issue occurred actually in the tv addons bit, with a pre-installed tv addon (dvblink pvr addon), not the video addons bit:
switching from one channel to another requires a "stop" before actually calling a new channel (230080 (thread))
the try to change the keyboard keys was/is a workaround: instead of crashing OR needing to enter the menu, navigate to the stop button and push the stop button... and then choose a new channel
- changing video streams works fine .. changing tv streams does not work fine
- if this is an impact from the banned addons then maybe it would be good to have a closer look to the general question above

or what are the opinions?
(2015-09-02, 15:11)speedyrules Wrote: or what are the opinions?
My opinion...
1. I don't care what's on your machine.
2. If you want help here then you should respect the wishes of the people offering it. It's not exactly hard to rename your kodi folder, kodi will act as if it's a fresh install and make a new folder, so you can try your xml and post a clean log if it doesn't work.
When / if the problem's identified you can go back to your original stuff.
Like trogggy said, when your having an issue like this, the best way to find a resolution is to remove everything that isn't stock and start fresh to see if the problem still exists. That's troubleshooting 101 for anything.
sure, i agree.
i will do a fresh install and see if it works...
and i do respect the guidelines and the wishes of the people offering it..
as i said: it was not clear to me.

but i think it's still a shame that kodi is developed in a way that it is so easy to break.
this is my concern .. basically also official "not banned addons crap" can break kodi.. this is what i am saying.

i will continue this post when a stabler 15.x kodi is around .. and installed
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keyboard.xml not being interpreted by kodi00
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