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Bug Skips forward/backward don't work correctly in Isengard
Using Ubuntu Linux 14.04 LTS and Kodi Isengard (the .1 version that just came out yesterday) the problem is that when I try to skip forward or backward in a recorded program, it will sometimes skip some random amount and sometimes on a backward skip it will go all the way back to the start of the recording. The packages I originally installed (after adding the Kodi repo to Ubuntu's sources) are kodi and kodi-pvr-hts, so I assume I have the correct addon for TVHeadEnd. This was never a problem in previous versions of Kodi, so I'm surprised that skipping forward or backward is messed up now. I tried setting the skip steps to -60 sec, -30 sec, -10 sec, 30 sec, 60 sec so it should never skip more than 60 seconds in either direction, but it still messes up. I never see this problem in movies or videos, only when watching a recording from the Live TV menu.

It's extremely frustrating when this happens because then I have to try to find the last spot I was watching in the show. If anyone knows of a way to work around this issue in the current version, please let me know. I almost wish there was a way to use the Helix version of the addon in Isengard, because I never saw this issue there. I'm suspecting that the addon hasn't been correctly updated to utilize the new skip method in Kodi but that's just a guess, because I am neither a programmer nor even very proficient in Linux, so I have no way of actually knowing what's causing this issue.
Most likely a duplicate of 230627 (thread)
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Skips forward/backward don't work correctly in Isengard51