Issue Manually Working With Music Album Information
I am currently using the newest 15.1 release and Xperience1080 skin. I have a handful of albums that are not being found no matter what scraper I try. I used to be able to just skip the auto find and get to the manual browse for album art if auto find did not work, currently it won't let me do this. I just get stuck on the input album/artist name prompts and then get the can't download album info dialogue then back to the start with no way to bring up the album information screen to manually browse for artwork.

I assume there is another way to get into this, but I can't for the life of me figure it out.
Create an xml file with entries for each album and artist not found and import it. I'm not sure what the minimum info requried is, but something like this should work:


repeat <album>...</album> for each album not scraped


repeat <artist>...</artist> for each artist not scraped


scott s.
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Issue Manually Working With Music Album Information00