Release Surveillance Room - Your IP Camera Companion with extra Foscam HD Support
I tried adding what you suggested to try however the else statement didn't seem to change the behavior for me. Probably best for us to open a ticket with the KODI team to help investigate this. I'm glad it's working for you however I have to use the method in the other forum post to get it to work for me.

Your zoneminder stuff sounds interesting. I've started paving the way with the code, I think, to do what you need. I just released v1.1.1 which overhauled the camera api side of things and I also collapsed the image update routine inside the preview window class. Now you can open a preview the window with a specific URL by calling it with the function start(url). However there's still a few dependencies (ie. uses an existing camera spot to collect settings from, preview is not enabled for that camera, doesn't close on its own either). I need to decouple a few more things I think to really make this feature work.

Additionally I think what you're requesting falls into something I've been thinking on how to implement. A way to add more than 4 cameras without running a million more threads. For the all camera view, if I could display 1/2/4/6 etc cameras on screen at once (configurable) but change the source on the fly it would be great. I now own 5 cameras so I want to be able to use them all now.

Ideally, would you want to configure the custom preview by using an existing camera setting, a new specific for custom preview camera setting, or to pass the required parameters by JSON? Are you opening a new window each time or are you wanting to change the source of an existing opened window?

*editted for grammar after having a nap. Dad life can be tough on the brain sometimes!

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