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Indexing and flagging offline removable DVD Video discs in the library database?
Hi I am using the DVD Profiler tool for xbmc but it would be great if xbmc recognised which videos were DVD's (not backed up).

For example, an option "Show DVDs" could be added next to the current "All Videos, Unwatched, Watched" option.

Further, and maybe trivial. but currently when you click on a DVD (or dummy file made by DVDProfiler2XBMC) nothing happens. It would be nice if you could set a custom message which could be displayed when a dvd was clicked. For instance .. "You have this movie on a DVD which should be under your bed with the rest of them"

Make sense?
adding "show dvd's" to the "watched" button defeats the purpose of the watched button. its for a particular type of filtering and "show dvd's" doesnt fit. but it should trivial to identify movies which are on disc by the path. the problem is that they need to have been scanned into the databse.

i've never heard of dvd profiler so i dont know how it works but i assume it somehow adds discs into the database. an alternate (but manual) method would be to use something similar to a .cut file which contains a title, the disc name, and the path to the item. (the path is the tricky part. its really dependant on the type of disc but an app could be written to produce the file for a given disc.) then the scanning process can import the data found in these files and prompt the user with a "enter disc named foo" when they go to play a movie on disc and its not in the drive already.
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Dvd Profiler is a windows application which downloads info on all your DVDs and catalogs them. It allows you to export to a xml file or something which can be opened in DVDProfiler2XBMC and it creates dummy video files automatically which can be used in XBMC to represent a movie. Yes it can be done very, very easily manually too but i guess the program is for people who already had very large collections in DVDProfiler.

The problem currently with this is that you cant tell the difference between a video file you have on your xbox or a DVD until it is clicked, as clicking on a DVD (which is a dummy file) will not do anything.

I guess it gets even more confusing when your xbox has corrupt video files on it which dont load either. You could be searching your house for a DVD which doesnt exist.

kraqh3d: I agree, adding "show dvds" to the existing option would be messy. I meant adding a new option next to that one. Sorry for the confusion.

Infact an option "Show DVDs, Don't show DVDs and Show DVDs Only" would be very nice.

I also like your idea of scanning DVDs to the library when they are inserted and the idea to check the drive to see if it is in there.

This could be able to be incorporated into the tv database too. When the option "Show DVDs" is activated, and the DVD 'Season 1 of the Simpsons' is inserted, the user could select which episodes are on the dvd and they will be displayed like a tvrip would. However, when selected they will a) check for disc in drive and b) prompt user to insert disc.

However, if the user decides to select the option "Don't show DVDs", "Season 1 of the Simpsons" will disappear and only TVrips will be shown.

Thankyou for your in
That's a great idea. Especially automatically scanning disks from the tray into the database.Nerd
You could just create a new folder/bookmark/whatever where your store your offline DVD files.. So you know everything in there you need to grab a disk..
Like under the My Video section, I have: Movies, Series, Anime, Kids Stuff, etc.. could add another one called Offline.. easy to do and no coding required Smile
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yeh i know you can have them in the non library view but they still aren't fully integrated... if you get the movie info for them then they will show up in the library view. It would be nice to be able to see all your movies (dvd and non dvd) at the same time. As well as having a much easier way of putting the dummy files on the xbox.
How about this:

if you click on a movie in your library:
- if the movie is available it plays the movie
- if the movie is not available it tells you which dvd or cd is needed to play

for this it would be great to store the medialabel of the source and the media type:


pirates of the caribbean 2:
medialabel: pirates2
mediatype: CD-ROM

with this you could even list all movies that exist on the same media....

just my two cent


While I see the reasoning behind this.. I have to disagree with intigration into "available media". If its there to play show it, if not... I dont want to see it.

The overall dvd catalog idea I'm rather fond of however, but I have over 400 dvds and 300 or so rips. Would have to be a way to completely seperate the 2 similar to the suggestion above but rather than using a folder have it in the database as "offline" or "removable media" with its own tab/bookmark.
Re morte0815: i agree 100%

Re HarshReality: I see what you mean and is why i think it should be optional to "show offline media". However, I still think it should be optional to show it integrated with "available media" (Although I don't like this term because with my setup i consider my dvd's being "available" as they are in a folder right next to the tv.)

Btw what is the process of feature requesting? I think there is abit of interest in this suggestion(?). Do we just have to wait for an interested developer to come along?


Well, youve posted it in the right forum. Aside of that you can harrass the mIRC channel. But for the most part your right... just have to wait ind see if a dev picks up the ball and runs with it.

With the current database changes it might be some time before that happens though.

insert sarcasm: Most likely it will be right after linksbox is intigrated into svn and the 2.0 point release.
Quote:Pike: There will be a very cool surprise included with 2.0.0, that's all I can say! After 2.0.0 point sourcecode has been released, one thing we will add to CVS is the controversial 'Links WWW Browser' that ysbox has been working on for quite some time now.

Of course the above statement wasnt mean to sound smartass... they havent misled anybody... they did away with CVS all together and went to SVN... nothing was ever said about SVN intigrationWink

I too would like an easy way to scan my offline dvd's into the xbmc library. Option to filter on online (nas, hdd) and offline (dvd, cd) would be nice.
Movies displayed in XBMC could have an "Offline" overlay over the icon when "show offline movies" are shown.

Extra fields to the database:
Offline bool (true for offline movies and false for online)
Location string (optional - a string stating a location
MediaNumber string (optional - a string stating the media number feks if you archive your dvd's like DVD0101 etc)

When pressing play on an offline movie the info in Location and MediaNumber is used to show a message asking the user to insert the DVD and when done so start playing it.

I have a license for DVD Profiler but lost my database long ago and didn't care to rebuild it. I might buy a barcode scanner for the purpose if import from DVD Profiler was ever done easily...

It's either this or rip all the 400 dvd's to my NAS (yikes!)

I know spiff left, but maybe some other dev would take on this task
My setup is similar to this. I have a couple hundred movies ripped, and a couple hundred still on DVD only. I've numbered the ones on DVD, and I use a somewhat messy hack to create dummy files for them.

Basically I have a spreadsheet with a list of all my DVDs and the corresponding number, and I run a script to create a jpeg for each one with white text on a black background that says "Insert Disc XXX". Then I use another script which calls mencoder to create a 10 second avi from the jpeg. So all of my movies reside in the same directory, and if it's ripped it just plays, and if it's a DVD it plays the avi which prompts me for which disc to insert.

I can post my code if anyone is interested.
I think UltraBrutal has the best take on this FR, as from a dev point of view it would need to be broken up into front-end and back-end changes to be made. It seems like the backend changes could be done with relatively minor dev time required, and I think they would allow an existing database to be used without issue or updated. Also, if we simply have these optional fields, it would allow changing the "type" of a record to be done easily. That way if you either rip something you have on DVD, you could keep all of the existing stuff for that item, you would just need tell XBMC its "online".

For the front end I think there would only need to be a few main changes, and those only to the database viewing stuff.
1-We would need to add options somewhere for viewing with and without offline media.
--I think that since the current view types are basically structured around various queries against the dbase, this would be pretty easy.
2-there would need to be a dual-state new button added to the "view item" window
--This would simply be a toggle that would say "make offline" / "make online" as appropriate.
3-The above-mentioned button would call a dialog box depending on which state was currently in effect.
--"Make Online" would need a "Browse To Media" filepath entry button, and OK and Cancel buttons. When you enter a path and hit "OK", the path is checked to see if its accessible (just like the Sources GUI does when entering new Sources pathes), and if it exists, that path + the Bool "offline" elements are written to the item in the database. Again as per the Sources editor, if the path isn't currently accessible, you should be warned but should still be given the option to proceed or cancel.
--"Make Offline" would need some simple text field entry controls, used to fill the optional tags for Offline items, plus again OK and Cancel buttons. When you hit OK, no processing would need to be done on the text inputm it and the appropriate Bool flag would simply be written to the item in the database.

For switching back and forth, if the extra Offline txt fiels or the Online file path !='', these elements should be retained and auto-filled into the dialog boxes.
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just realized, the other thing that would need to be added: some way to parse records from the DVD-ROM. I guess this would neccessitate a context menu item?
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No need to switch back and forth IMO. It's not as if it'd be a frequent operation.

IMO all that would need doing is storing the path as an offline path (using a special dvd url)

eg something like

dvd://<dvd name>/<path to file on dvd>

That way it's "easy" to filter out the offline ones (though I don't see the point) and "easy" to format up an "insert disk" dialog.

Anyone wanting to do a patch might want to start as follows:

1. Allow (and detect) scanning of dvd based files, and configure the path in the database suitably (possibly prompting user for dvd name)

2. Handle the OnClick() system to prompt user for disk, then translate database into real path.

3. Handle any "special case" settings, such as disallowing queuing and so on.

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