Kore/Yatse Can't Connect
I've just changed router and my Yatse and Kore can no longer connect to Kodi.

When I scan it finds my Kodi server, but can't connect.

I've disabled the firewall on my router, I ran a port scan on my PC and it says 8080 is open (when Kodi wasn't open). I tried to port forward in case that was the issue, but still not working.

Any ideas? I read that perhaps it was my Windows network settings, as Windows considers the network on my new router a "new network" so I may need to change something there?

I have Windows Firewall disabled - and in any case it was working fine on my old router (old network), so it's not a firewall or anything else in Windows stopping it.
You can enter manually, and you will be good to go.
Entering it manually didn't help - but I believe the issue was Windows 10 networking. I had to set the network up as a home network - but I can't remember exactly what I did to do this (as it's not as obvious in Win 10 as previous versions). Thought I should respond for anyone having the problem down the line.
Hey I've been having a issue since the newest Kodi update, when I try to setup up Yates it will crash on me. I have not tried the official remote yet, but will shortly. I run into the crashing problem when I try to turn on "announce services to other system".
Getting the same issue, crashes on turning on "Announce services to other systems".

Kodi 17.3 Git:20170524-147cec4
(2015-11-12, 15:20)DJB628 Wrote: You can enter manually, and you will be good to go.

how can i enter manually please?.. im kind of new to this kodi kore thing
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