(Open Sports Metadata, Artwork and Scores)
Since we didnt have an official thread for this yet, and some people seem interested.

A few forum members bugged me enough to start a new site to provide metadata for sports Smile


Its up and running now and got a fair few users adding data and results. As always, its just the metadata that can be used inside Kodi or other apps.

Sports Supported
Soccer (36+ Euro and International Leagues)
Rugby (NRC, NRL, British SuperLeague, Top 14, British Premiership)
Motor racing (Blancpain Endurance, Blancpain Sprint, British GT Championship, BTCC, DTM, Formula 1, Formula E, Indycar, MotoGP, Moto2, Moto3, Nascar, SuperGT, WEC, World Rally Championships, World Touring Car Championships)
American Football (NFL, CFL)
Basketball (NBA, NBL, BBL, CBA, Lega Basket, LNB, NBA development League, ACB)
Golf (PGA, Euro Tour)
Ice Hockey (NHL, Swedish Hockey League, British Hockey Leage)
Baseball (CanAM, Frontier, MLB)
Fighting (UFC, Boxing, WWE)

JSON API available here for artwork, details, past scores, livescores, next events, and loads of other stuff

Python Module
Someone already wrote a Python API wrapper here:

Kodi Sports Center

Plex Scraper

If you want to add events, you can do that manually on the site. At the moment only Soccer, NHL and NBA are automated.
If you want a new sport added, just post here. You will need to commit to filling out the artwork and details.
Cool, thanks Zag
Image Lunatixz - Kodi / Beta repository
Image PseudoTV - Forum | Website | Youtube | Help?
From now on the Leagues will have a naming convention in the strNaming field. But for the record

Soccer and all other sports not mentioned below
{HomeTeam} vs {AwayTeam}

{AwayTeam} @ {HomeTeam}

Motorsport, Golf, UFC, WWE
{Wikipedia Event Name}
Thanks to some work from the Plex scraper guy with a few powershell scripts, we now have a few more sports automated with results.

Image Soccer
Image NBA Basketball
Image NHL Ice Hockey
Thats great, i am now re-writing the python module so that it includes your last changes and also behaves a bit more logical Smile adding also a sort of "python ORM" so that your column names correspond to the properties of each object (team,player,league,event, etc)
Happy days!

I forgot to mention...

Boxing -

All added in recent days.

Also checkout the new strFilename field for events. This should allow us to link to files perfectly very easy without any libraries (as a 1st step).
Hi zag, another cool database. I'd be happy to contribute, especially for German Bundesliga.

One question: Most links (league homepage, twitter, RSS Feed) link to the English version. If I edit the league to add information in German and I change the links to the German versions, will that affect all languages? As an example I've added a German description of the Bundesliga. On the edit page I also see English links. Can I change them? Are they language specific like the description text or global?
Only description(League, Team and player) is localized for now. No other links or data is at the moment sorry.

Feel free to add German descriptions to as many leagues, teams and players as possible though Wink
Yeah, in the middle of doing that Smile

And thanks for the clarification. I'll leave the links as they are then.

I've noticed some team names include the full club name (Bayern Munich) while others just have the name of the town (Hamburg instead of Hamburger SV). What's the guideline here?
Yeh thats annoying, but I just copied the source data we have from another site. Basically there is nothing we can do to change it, other than add an alternative name at the moment.
Yeah, thought so. I'd say club names are the better choice as there might be more clubs from a town. Do you agree?
I think it should always be what the wikipedia description is. But hopefully we can standardize it in the future.

Search should work with alternate names as well.

One horrible example is "Man United"

I think the original database from soccerxml they had limited field sizes or something Smile
Hey zag a bug I found:

It looks that when calling (without defining a season) you are still returning the 1415 season instead of the 1516 Smile Probably it's better to just check the higher value on the table instead on hardcoding it.

So now you ask... how the hell has he noticed that?

Well I'm making a screensaver and noticed Chelsea is still at the top Smile

Ha! that's a HUGE bug if Chelsea are still top!

Fixed it so the correct team is now top, Leicester!! oh.... Smile
Dear zag,
I was testing your api and I noticed that using 'eventslast' method for Portuguese teams it is not possible to get the score, i mean, it is always set to null.
Is it a bug or is it normal?

Here is an example:

BTW: Thanks for your good work!

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