24p on Fire Stick?
Is this possible?

Using the hidden refresh rate menu there is no option on my Firestick like shown for the fire tv!
Is this a limitation of the Firestick GPU?

No 24p: (23.976 and 24fps video output) on Fire TV Stick DRM streaming devices. Same applies to the FireTV1/2, Google Nexus, ATV 2/3/4, Mac's running OSX, WeTek Play and Rockhip SoC's also.
Even if you can switch a TV's display to 24Hz, there will be a video frame glitch approx every 41 seconds when you play 23.976fps video at 24Hz. This is a Kernel / Video driver limitation.

Known 24p compatible devices:
ATV1 running a Linux Kernel, nVidia Shield, RPi, Intel Haswell Microarchitecture and above, MINIX AMLogic devices, nVIDIA Graphics Cards (confirmation needed), AMLogic S8XX running a modified Linux Frame Rate Automation Kernel - like the ODROID C1+ , WeTek Core, Haswell equipped Mac's running Windows or Linux.

Smooth 24p playback of 23.976fps content in Netflix:
- nVIDIA Shield (24Hz has to be manually selected every time before Netflix App startup via the TVHZ App)
(Plus you then have to manually reselect 60Hz when you are finished for Shield use with other Android Apps)

- WeTek Core (all automatic)
In fact on the Core if say HBO Go streams video at 23.976fps (or any other 23.976fps video streaming App), you can set that up to Autoswitch the TV into 24p mode as well via a nice little custom WeTek autoswitch refresh rate configuration App. Smile


However the Fire TV can be manually set to 24p via a remote hack since the introduction of firmware 5.0.
The same remote hack works on the Fire Stick but only shows 50 and 60 options. The question is whether a later firmware upgrade will add 24p option to the Fire Stick as well or if the GPU simply can't do it?

To get the resolution option you hold down the rewind and up arrow for ten seconds. It then cycles between resolutions and you press select on the one you want.
24p = 23.976fps PLUS 24fps synced video output. Not just the 24Hz the FireTV Stick may be able to do.
Don't get confused by the marketing Bullshit some companies put out saying they support 24p, when all they do is 24Hz. Its all a pack of lies.

You will see a video frame glitch approx every 41 seconds when playing 23.976fps video at 24Hz on the devices I have already mentioned. The Hardware is likely capable, but those large Multinational Media Corporations would rather have a slick user experience and start video playback immediately than make users wait while a TV Refresh rate switches and gets its shit together.
You of course then have 23.976fps video displayed using the 3:2 pulldown process and output at 60Hz with the accompanying video judder associated with this technique.

I would NOT pin your hopes that a Future Firmware upgrade will add proper 24p video output support to any Amazon devices.


the info about MacOSX is wrong.
SwitchResX allows changes to Apple's oversimplified (and locked) EDID info.

It can provide resolution handling as the one you describe with Wetek Core / Autoswitch.
Nope believe me, you can stuff about all you like with SwitchResX on OSX and never get satisfactory 23.976fps video sync results. I've tried like a whole bunch of people before me, and gave up in the end.

Run Windows or Linux on a Intel Haswell or greater equipped Mac and you will be fine. OSX, forget about it.


did you also tell to kodi that the display IS 23.976 ?
On the core/shield is there a feasible way of cycling refresh rates via a single remote press ? For switching in Netflix (not all content is 24p)
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