Series recording in Jarvis?
FYI, I am working on implementing the Jarvis series recording feature.

The impatient people that know how to compile the addon can find my current development code at:

The current state is that the old series dialog hack is disabled and that I'm able to create all MediaPortal supported schedule types.
The big challenge right now is the timer display dialog. While the TV server backend shows the correct schedules as created in Kodi, the timer display in Kodi shows completely wrong content.
(e.g. the wrong program name on the wrong time instance).
This is due to a mapping problem where one backend schedule results in multiple scheduled programs. It seems that Kodi assumes that each client schedule id is unique where I have multiple timers with the same client id but only a different EPG id. I'm not sure yet how to solve this in a reliable way.

Any idea's ksoo?

Note that I will try to submit it in time for Jarvis, but since I'm still very busy I can't promise anything...
Developer of the MediaPortal PVR addon and retired developer of the Argus-TV PVR-addon.
@margro that's great news. Welcome back.
I don't the background from Kodi side, but are you sure with your changes?
Difference between Juni and now
Great News. I'm able and have the time to test anything you want.
@magro not quite sure I understand your question right, but Kodi will give you back exactly the client index you pass to it. And yes, Kodi assumes the Id to be unique. This had always been the case, btw.

So you could implement a simple counter as "generator" for your unique id's and store the Id you generated along with backend supplied Id with each of your add-ons timer instances. You hand over the id generated by you to Kodi and look it up in the list of your add-ons timers when that Id gets passed back by Kodi. Pretty simple, I'd say. I'm doing something similar in pvr.hts, btw.
Yeah adding my own id counter was also what I was thinking about, but I don't want to remember this mapping in the addon itself. In the Isergard addon, I was misusing the directory field to store my custom mapping info, but that does not work anymore in Jarvis. For now I will add an id mapping.

For a future version of the PVR API, I think we should extend each PVR structure with an additional string field (e.g. "tag" or "backend-data") that can be used by the PVR addon to store e.g. backend specific mapping info,
This would be very useful for the ArgusTV addon too, since all backend id's there are guid values that are not compatible with our Kodi "unsigned int" client id fields.
Developer of the MediaPortal PVR addon and retired developer of the Argus-TV PVR-addon.
What speaks against to "remember the mapping in the add-on itself"? It's nothing more than keeping it in memory as a new member in the struct/class you already have for your timers (i guess). No further persistence needed. If Kodi exits, you can forget everything about the mapping. If Kodi starts it requests the complete timer list and you simply restart your Id counter. No need to supply the same Id you provided during last Kodi session for the same timer. No API extension needed for this.
I noticed that the media portal addon is now at version 1.11.12 with the Jarvis beta 5 release. Is this the final Jarvis release? If it is, I am still having problems with disabling a timer.

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Series recording in Jarvis?0
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