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(2016-01-16, 14:48)nemsis72 Wrote:
(2016-01-16, 12:56)Eisi2005 Wrote: Hi,

most answers of my questions i could find in the forum but i have somethings that i could not find or dont understand.

At the moment i have a braswell nuc with 4gb and a ssd. I'm using kodi 15.2 with aeon nox. I play mkv with true HD, dtshd and Atmos. Now i want to play mvc frame packing 3d movies. Output should frame packing and not sbs or hou. 4k is now not needed but nice to have.

I have an pi2 but with aeon nox skin the navigation is not so fast with a large library.

Is there a android Box that could all this playing and have fast Navigation? I want only to use kodi.

The Box should not have any Problems with any of the sound formats and should work stable. Fast Navigation is a important feature for me.

Did i search a dream or is there a Box that have this all?
The Nvidia shield Android box.

Err - OP quote :
Quote:Now i want to play mvc frame packing 3d movies. Output should frame packing and not sbs or hou
The nVidia Shield has no 3D MVC decode nor frame packed output currently.

Wetek Core has basic 3D MVC decode, but HTAB/HOU output.

Raspberry Pi 2 is probably the only platform with 3D MVC and Frame Packed Output within Kodi - apart possibly from some forked/GPL-breaching boxes that are not popular here. (Windows is the only other option - with a kludge using an external player)
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