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(2016-03-22, 05:09)wrxtasy Wrote: You are in Ultra Rare Air if its an Android Box to connect with an External DVD Drive.

I would not try it on any AMLogic device due to mpeg2 vob file playback problems with some DVD Rips. Ones that have Motion between the frames and need deinterlacing. Plus you would need a DVD drive externally powered.
I think you mean motion 'within frames' or 'between fields' (or 'native interlaced with motion between the two fields in a frame, such as sport, entertainment, some concerts etc.').

All content has motion 'between the frames' otherwise it would be a still frame forever...

(Bottom line - native 50/59.94Hz interlaced content causes a problem, native 25/29.97p content in a 50/59.94 wrapper doesn't. Not sure about 23.976p in a 59.94 wrapper)

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