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(2018-08-10, 14:02)Shasarak Wrote: I'm not sure if I'm exactly covered by any of the newbie categories in the first post of this thread; I wonder what people would recommend...?

What I need:


1) Really pristine image quality - the signal fed to the TV has to be an accurate representation of the contents of the video file. (Can you tell I'm a disgruntled Nvidia Shield owner?)

2) Ability to decode DTS-HD and Dolby TrueHD to multi-channel PCM and output via HDMI.

3) Ability to output video at native resolution and frame-rate.

Most source videos would be 4K/HDR10, with some 4K/SDR, some 1080p stuff, and a few DVD rips. I'm not concerned about having an ultra-responsive UI, so long as playback is flawless. Within all of the above constraints, I'd like to keep it cheap.

These will do what you want...all Gigabit Ethernet & AC WiFi equipped. You need Gigabit for trouble free high bitrate 4K HDR networked streaming.

Either an $105 DirecTV deal - Apple TV 4K running MrMC or take your pick from a Vero 4K+ running OSMC Krypton or a AML S912 running LibreELEC Kodi Krypton. (S912 - MINIX U9 preferred due to far superior chipset cooing). All should be used with Wireless remotes for a responsive setup.

The Apple TV 4K does not do auto resolution switching, and in reality it does not need it because it's 1080p > 4K picture upscaling is high quality. You leave it in 4K SDR and let it auto Frame Rate & Dynamic Range match.

You should also have a read here...

4K HDR - State of Play thread (click)

...and follow the Frame Rate Matching & Dynamic Range matching link in that thread.

"Flawless" is a very exact word, and nothing is 100% perfect. But the devices listed above are about the closest you will get to "set and forget", auto virtually everything, mixed SDR / 4K HDR setups with your particular audio requirements and great picture quality.


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