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I am new here, just made my account, I hope I am posting in the correct section. Actually I am planning to upgrade my TV to 4K HDR10 Dolby Vision

So I am looking for a hassle free solution to play Bluray Rips.
I have a 4k video pass-through capable and Dolby TrueHD & DTS-HD MA decode capable AVR (Denon X1400H). So, I want to bit stream Blu Ray rips.
I will be connecting Portable HDD to Kodi Box and Kodi box to AVR and AVR to TV.

Hiya and welcome... Smile

I'm assuming 4K HDR Bluray Rips as well or just SDR 1080p ?

4K HDR & Audio options listed above:

- Gigabit ethernet - 4K HDR capable AMLogic S9xx LibreELEC Kodi boxes or the - Vero 4K+ OSMC Kodi only media player.
- NVIDIA Shield (includes 4K HDR Apps - not 4K HDR YouTube)
- Apple TV 4K (better than Android for 4K HDR Apps support) BUT you need a SAMBA / SMB / NFS capable networked file server like a home router or similar. It has no USB port.

Nearly 4K HDR / 1080p SDR Hassle free, Plug n Play with really good ongoing support = Vero 4K+

Have a good read of the following Post for the good and bad points of various devices:

4K HDR10 - State of Play thread - important media player limitations (click)
Quote:So please suggest a solution which can fulfill my requirement. Added capability to play 4K HDR content from Youtube, Netflix or similar services is a bonus but nor mandatory.
- Suggestion buy a 4K HDR TV with known working 4K HDR YouTube.
The NVIDIA Shield for example is not even able to hardware decode 4K HDR YouTube.
No 4K HDR YouTube support on the ATV 4K either. Or Sony 4K HDR TV's.
I think - the cheap dual boot LibreELEC / Android TV - AMLogic S9xx - MECOOL devices that can also do SDR 1080p Netflix, can do 4K HDR YouTube.
Quote:Also one more question: Is there any video or quality difference when playing bluray rips from BD player or Kodi box?
If BD's are .ISO or REMUX's packaged properly, then the main Movie Video file should be audio and video bit identical to the BD disk. Problems can arise when it comes to 4K HDR and then SDR video playback however due to color output issues. The Shield has such problems.
Normal SDR - 1080p BD Rips will be all good.

If requirements are 1080p BD rips only with the above audio support then there are some pretty cheap DIY devices available ? 

Yes, usage is for 4K HDR DV BD Rips mainly, 1080p rips only when 4K rips are not available for that particular content.

Yes the TV I am looking for has native app support for Youtube and Netflix HDR.

Does Vero 4K+ supports transmitting DV video to AVR/TV?

Also which other kodi box will you recommenced apart from Vero 4k+? Their are so many choices with each having its own pros and cons, I am really confused. My current budget is around USD100 mark.

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