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after successfully moving from WMC to Kodi 15, I'm now at the final stage of config. Evderything works well so far, including integration of MP TV Server, handling my 4 Digital Device DVBC Tuners and TV Movie EPG Plugin. Of course, I'm looking very much forward to Kodi 16 because of the handling of TV Series....
However, there is one issue I'd like to ask you for your advise:
Since I do pretty much of recordings (shows, movies, series), I once a week pull the recorded files from the local hard disk of my HTPC on my workstation to cut them and to sort them to series / movies location on my NAS.
Now, after removing both (.ts and .xml) files, I would expect that Kodi is able to recognize that the recorded files are no longer existing and does not show them on the list of recorder TV shows - but this doesn't work. As well, refreshing or cleaning up Video Library doesn't do the job. The only way I found was to delete the respective shows manually by using the context menu.
Is there any way to update the list of recorded TV files automatically?

Any suggestion welcome!

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This is not really a problem of Kodi but of MediaPortal's TVServer.
If you move the recordings in Windows, the TVServer doesn't realize this and you have to clean up the database in TVServer Configuration - Recordings.
The reason for this behaviour is, if you have your recordings on a NAS that isn't always available, TVServer would clean up the hole database!

In MediaPortal's client there's also an option to clean up recordings manually, but i don't know if it's possible to implement something similar in Kodi.
@margro ?
Open up the TV server client configuration for media portal and go to the recorded tab. The last tab is called database import. Find your files and import them. This is where the recorded stuff is sent to Kodi. It will show recordings physically on the drive, but not in the database . If thge recordings are not in the database, Kodi doesn't know they are there. If they show up and are not there physically, the database needs to be updated. The database is located here: C:\ProgramData\MySQL\MySQL Server 5.6\data\mptvdb
Hi Flo,

MediaPortal TV Server Setup>Recording>Recorded Tab - there is button Remove invalid entries. This is what you seek. This one removes all database records which miss physical files (.xml or .ts) in the recording folder. However, record by record with the necessary confirmation of each one. Sad Deleting database records will be completed after the TV Server Setup closing. Reuse in one session causes an error.

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Hi JiRo, fishersman,

thanks, this works as described. However, this is not really handy... Maybe there is a way to update the db using a script - or Mediaportal might add an automatic update function in one of their future releases ... I'll post a respective proposal in their forum.



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