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Ok, so I decided to give Artwork Beef a try (as Artwork Downloader is way out of date, and doesn't work the greatest currently), so Let me share my experience.

1. I have several Shield TV's (original 2015 and Pro), as well as a couple Windows installs. These all connect to a FreeNAS server where all my media is stored.
2. I have tons of media on my server (so a big pool to test). 3700+ Movies, 52,000+ TV Shows (like 800 series), 4,000+ Music Videos, 800+ Music Artists.
3. I have used MediaElch for the last 5+ years to scrap data for everything- Movies, TV Series, Music Videos, and Music (create NFO's, download Posters, Fanart, banners, etc.)
4. I have used the Skin AEON MQ7 (and MQ6 and MQ5 before that), and love that everything pops with that skin, and it is so customizable.
5. I have read every page of this thread. 8)

So I installed your repo, and then installed Artwork Beef. Immediately I went in to configure it as I wished to test some things (Mostly the artwork for Music Videos, Music, and Movies Sets).

So I turned off all the Artwork for Movies (but left the Movie Sets - all my movies are in separate folders), turned off all TV Artwork, and set Artwork Beef to Download all art to the Local Files.

Here is where the fun began...

1. When I clicked RUN, I am then presented with several options (didn't write down exactly what was on the screen), but I had assumed with all the settings I selected, it would just do it's thing (WRONG).

options listed...
...a. scan additional video artwork (thought this might be it, but Nope, instead you get 3 more options - Scan new Media, Scan old Media, or scan all media). Running the new command starts going through all my Movies and seems to be adding ExtraFanart (which I didn't want it to do, so the settings I've selected did nothing). No option to cancel this once started, so I Run Artwork Beef again, and the option came up to Stop the current operation, but this does NOTHING. I actually had to Shutdown Kodi to get Artwork Beef to stop.
...b. list all Music Videos that aren't found with TADB. Ran this, and it listed every Music Video I have. Hmm, weird as all my Music Videos are in folders with the Artists Name, and the videos are Artist Name - Song Name.MP4 (or avi or MPG). So when I looked at the Source for my Music Videos, they were scanned into the system using .NFO files (I didn't choose TADB or the other Music Video selection you can select, as MediaElch created NFO files for all my Music Videos). So I changed the Source to use TADB and will test this tonight (or once all my Music Videos are scanned into the database again).
...c. list all Music that aren't found (this option is only for Kodi 18 Leia). Kinda a shame, as I would like to download additional artwork ahead of the Kodi 18 launch, to have my Music library ready for the new features in the newest Kodi.

The last 3 options looked like fixes I've seen listed in previous posts in this thread, none of which I needed as being a first time user.

So in the few tests I actually could do with Music Videos (Selecting b above), I was presented with a list of Music Video Names, (some were listed with just the song name, some had the Artist - Song name - So this area has room for Improvement). When selecting a Song, It would prompt me to type in the name of the song (but it was already listed, for example Aqua - Barbie Girl), and I just clicked done, it would come back with the listed for Aqua - Barbie Girl (same as what I had listed, and what the name of the Music Video is), I would click the highlighted song, and It would download the Artwork for it. So I was able to get at least the Logo, but sometimes the Album and CD art for the song as well. But I had to do this for each Music Video, which gets old fast. Hopefully when I test tonight after changing the source to TADB this will work as intended.

So the first question I have is, What settings would I change, to Download (at first, and later to replace, once I've happy with the functionality) all Artwork for an Artist (Poster, Fanart, Album, CD, Logo, etc), within just Music Videos (again, so I can just test the functionality for now).

The Second question is, what settings do I need to download Movie Set Artwork, to a Sets individual Movie folder (under Movie Set Artwork Automator, my Movie Sets would be considered "single artwork folder").

Finally, could you release the ability to download the additional Music Artwork supported, without having to have Kodi 18 installed (to get the artwork before the release of Kodi 18)?
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