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(2018-02-17, 07:58)rmrector Wrote: I can work with #3.

Is this movie the only one you have with an accented character in the folder name? Do you know what happened at line 723 in your log (that was another "failed to open" for the same movie, but not from AB)? Can you play the movie from Kodi? Does the path in the Kodi GUI show the accented character as you expect (in Estuary open the info dialog and focus the "Refresh" button)?
 I followed your suggestion and noticed I had a couple of other movies with accented characters in the title. So I removed all of them (three in total) from library, cleaned the library, then I rescraped them. The only one who gave me problems was Malèna. That meant there was no issue on the scraper or AB side.

So I digged deeper into this, went into the db tables after the rescrape: the movies table, column c22 contains the path to the movie. Malèna always contained the path name "nfs://nas.axel.dom/volume1/video/Movies [ita]/Malèna [2000, Giuseppe Tornatore]/", correctly, with the accented character. The movie_view instead contained the same c22 column (with the accented char) but the strPath column with "nfs://nas.axel.dom/volume1/video/Movies [ita]/Malena [2000, Giuseppe Tornatore]/", without the accented char.

I then went to the path table, that contains the path to the movies, and found out three entries for that movie (rescraped 2-3 times during the years) and there were two orphan entries, one of them didn't contain the accented char. For some reason, it was always used during the rescrape phase. Hence why the strPath in movie_view was always wrong. I deleted those orphan records (strHash empty) and rescraped Malèna. Everything ok now. Smile

Thanks for the help in debugging this. Smile
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