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(2018-02-15, 17:24)Axel Foley Wrote:  3. In order to fully understand the logic of AB and the options, I had to go through all the pages of this thread to find your changelog posts in which you nicely comment why you introduced some options, sometimes responding to a user suggestion or feedback. It would be good for new users to have those comments in the documentation of the addon. Just a suggestion.
I think Axel makes a good point and with the recent demise of the AD addon, I suspect there are plenty of users like myself who would now really like to utilise AB to manage their library artwork, but are maybe a little hesitant of doing something wrong when setting up AB for the first time and end up deleting/overwriting all of their existing AD artwork, even after reading the set-up documentation.
Additionally, I have hundreds of custom artwork images I have created in my current movie and TV show library folders and really wouldn't like to have them all wiped out, because I didn't quite fully understand how to configure AB settings properly.
I guess this is one of the main reasons that I haven't actually used AB as yet with the potential consequences of one wrong move when setting things up for the first run. This isn't meant as a criticism in the slightest, as I would dearly love to have a replacement for the AD addon.

Maybe as a suggestion you could provide screen shot examples of AB's settings page and how to configure them correctly for a first run, particularly if you were previously using AD and already have artwork in your media folders and don't need to overwrite/delete these items? Sometimes I find it's much easier to follow instructions this way, when you have something visually to follow. What do you think?
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