Beta Artwork Beef - automatically add extended artwork
(2018-03-25, 10:03)Benna Wrote: I tried manually to update those information and i got this message:

Error with provider '': HTTP error: InvalidHeader

In the Kodi.log ifle i see this:

09:56:50.628 T:544 WARNING: [script.artwork.beef] Error with provider '': HTTP error: InvalidHeader

I'm not sure what could be going wrong with the header.
Did you change the personal API key in the add-on settings part way through scanning, or maybe tinker with other API keys in the add-on source?
Can you refresh one or two of the affected items in Kodi that do have a logo on and then see if Artwork Beef behaves the same?
Can you open Artwork Beef's "Select artwork..." dialog for one of the movies that didn't show this error and that do have a logo on, and see if the error message shows up for that movie, and that you see the logo from as an option in "clearlogo"?

In the next update I'll change that message to include more details that may help narrow down the problem.
(2018-03-28, 02:24)Karellen Wrote: Hello @rmrector
After I installed Artwork Beef, I started noticing that my local artwork was disappearing out of the movie or tv show folders. These seemed to be limited to Poster, logo and clearart.
My question is, why has this happened?

I have read your comments that artwork beef does not interfere with Local artwork, but my experience is that it does.

Do you have the Artwork Beef options "Delete deselected artwork files" and "Recycle deleted and replaced artwork files" enabled? It sounds like you do, but I just want to make sure that this isn't happening even when those options are disabled.

Edit: Taking another look at the code I see a way to redesign the file handling so that whatever is going wrong just doesn't have the chance. If you just want it to mostly leave files alone until I have a fix, disable the setting "Delete deselected artwork files".

If you want to answer the questions below with the current version I would appreciate it, I'd still like to know what's happening as I have more file based features planned.

Baffling!! I would also like to know why this is happening. You've got a couple of new details that might help find out what's going wrong, though.
  1. You say that for the affected items the image file is removed, but the artwork is still visible in Kodi. It will help to know if Artwork Beef left the local path to the artwork in the library and you are seeing the cached image, or if Artwork Beef replaced it with a remote URL from a web service.
    • Can you open the Artwork Beef "Select artwork..." dialog under "Manage..." in the context menu for one of the affected items, select an art type that was also affected, and check the title of the selected image? Is the title from a web service like or TheMovieDB, or local artwork, or "arttype.jpg", or ...?
  2. Since you have the images in recycledartwork, can you copy the artwork for a couple of affected movies back where they were, then run Artwork Beef's "Add missing artwork" under "Manage" for those movies, and see what it does? If the same thing happens then a debug log and artwork-report of that would be helpful, plus the file names of those artwork files.
In nearly all of my comments that this should not happen I have also mentioned that I need a debug log if it does. Karellen, don't you say this all the time? Wink

(2018-03-28, 14:30)MB1968 Wrote: - AWB's logfile is empty, when I want to check it in Kodi 17.6 on Android.

-AWB downloads season banners occasionnaly although I have disabled this option. If I remember it correctly it only applies for season 4.
The empty logfile might be an android thing. What version of Android? I doubt it has an affect but just in case. Can you take a look in the file system at userdata/addon_data/script.artwork.beef/artwork-report.txt to see if that file is empty or just doesn't exist?
Try turning on debug logging in Kodi, then running a few movies through "Add missing artwork", something useful might show up in the Kodi logs.

Those season banners are probably added by Kodi scrapers. If Artwork Beef is configured to download images for seasons at all, it will include images that are already assigned from scrapers or other tools. That individual switch will only prevent Artwork Beef from finding new banners from the web services. I would like to add more controls for what exactly is downloaded, but the options are already a mess so I need to brainstorm a better way to organize all of it before I add even more detailed options.
(2018-03-29, 00:39)Powerhouse Wrote: @rmrector So I noticed in your Artwork Beef documentation (under Image Files), you have the following...
  • Code:
    ... /[Artist information folder]/[artist name]/[album name]/discart.png
     for album artwork
However, using previous Add-On's (Artwork Downloader and CDart), that I have the files cdart.png, and disc.png. So using your label, I will now have 3 different labels for the actual album (cd) disc.

Looking at the Kodi Wiki (Music_artwork (wiki)), it lists the following...
 Music saved as File Name Save name & location example Artist\Album\Songs
cdart.png f:\Music\Madonna\Like A Prayer\cdart.png
disc.png f:\Music\Madonna\Like A Prayer\disc.png
Would it be possible to standardize the naming to match what Kodi has in its Wiki? I'm sure this would make it easier for the various Skin Authors, so they don't have add code to look for this new naming convention.            

"discart" is the standard for the video library, and that's what I intend to be used in the music library as well. Skins shouldn't be looking in the file system for anything, that's the whole point of the changes Dave has made for Kodi 18 and the reason Artwork Beef supports the music library in the first place. Using the same name for both libraries is simpler for skinners than carrying over that old convention. In this particular case the wiki describes existing hacks, it is not a good source of info for how things should be done.
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