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(2018-06-20, 01:29)rmrector Wrote:
Quote:Where the as Kodi Wiki,, extrafanart\extrathumbs states numbering should be from 0-9 (max 10 images).
The Kodi wiki describes one possible way to store artwork in the extra folders, but it is not the only way. Kodi doesn't support those folders in any way, I don't suggest skins use the folders directly but if they do they generally do not care what the image files inside are called, and other well-designed tools should support images in those folders no matter the filename.   

Since the last update of the Media Manager: Media Companion there was implementet a bulk renaming function of all extrafanarts renaming them from fanart0-9.jpg
Just likes it is carved in stone in kodi wiki, but nobody tooks care of this "dead" naming convention of extrafanart.

I tried to find out why this never lived naming convention stands in the wiki as it stands.
In every skin supporting extrafanarts i've tried the extrafanarts are always in a random sideshow.
With only replace one word in the skin.xml we can set a chronological sort function for extrafanarts sideshow in kodi, but that sort is strict Integer.
(It's would also really not that complicated to add an toggle on/ff (extrafanart random/extrafanart chronological) button in the IncludesTopMenu.xml of any skin.)

That's why 0-9 -> to get exaclty 10 extrafanarts and also be strict Integer -> sounds logical
Most extrafanarts on skins are toggling every 6 seconds and so there is exaclty 1 minute of extrafanart sideshow -> sounds logical

When some want to use this that way, that means that should only 10 fanarts are on use.
Integer sort sequence considering every file extension (experimentent with .gif's and .png's)
More extrafanart is optional possible like always before but then they are joining the integer sequence. (and get may a unwanted mixup)

My suggestion request:
We are all aware that it doesn't care what the extrafanarts (if in folders) are named, how much in it, wich file extrension they have.
But since years we have the official wiki for the extrafanarts, now Media Companion have integrated it, and on Artwork Beef the extrafanarts have now also a naming system.

Requests, Thoughts, Suggestions:

a) I would like to wish a lot to start the extrafanart naming from fanart0-9.jpg
1) Then they are Integer (When choosen 10 fanarts)
2) Then the kodi extrafanart sort chronolocical function would work likes a charm
3) Then extrafanart fetishits can choose their own chronolocigal extrafanart sideshow and can also set standardfanart as first fanart (fanart0) when they also want them to see on extrafanarts
4) Then it's cooperating with MediaCompanion without unwanted side effects
5) Then we have an non lived naming convention brought to live (only for users want use it that way)

b) I know it is more wishful thinking but it would be too nice, if you "unite" with the MediaCompanion programmer concerning handling extrafanarts
1) cause of may unwanted replacing of files
2) cause of may unwanted adding and duplicating of files
3) other may unknown side effects...

c) Maybe it's worth considering about to reduce extrafanart count from 20 to 10 (fanart0-9) without any compromise
(For some may prevent anger i want to use chronological extrafanart but have scraped too much that cause mixup of Integer)

Is it possible to set extrafanart naming from fanart0-9.jpg?

Thanks for reading my suggustions
PS: Ever thought of some feature for automated bulk renaming old artwork filenames to new (+add moviename-prefix)? Would safe a lot of work for lot of people.
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