Beta Artwork Beef - automatically add extended artwork
@chrissix very cool. I've been wary about adding similar options in Artwork Beef, moving so many files around from within Kodi makes me nervous.
(2018-08-23, 19:14)pletopia Wrote:
(2018-08-23, 18:48)rmrector Wrote: @pletopia Ahh, I think I got it. Do you already have a local fanart image for 2 Broke Girls? Artwork Beef won't automatically download more fanart if any are already local, to avoid downloading duplicates. There isn't a way to override that behavior.
 No, 2 Broke Girls did not have any extrafanart stored locally.                   
Does it have any local fanart, which could also be named "fanart.jpg" or "fanart1.jpg" or "fanart2.jpg"?

@Alyy No items in your library will be "old" if you have just recently installed Artwork Beef, so again, no surprise if the list is empty. This is described in the documentation.

Post your Artwork Beef "settings.xml" file (you can find that next to the "artwork-report.txt"), there might be some configuration I'm not expecting.
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