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Two more questions (I think). If you scan in artwork and it picks a poster for you for example out of say the 15 that are on themovedb. I decide I want a different one and change it in Kodi, wouldn't it be beneficial for the script to then save that copy back to the disk and replace the one that was previously downloaded? Because say for example, your DB gets hosed or something and you have to scan it in again in a years time, at least your prefered art will then be scanned in from the local copy instead of having to go back and make your changes again.

2nd question I had was regarding your extrafanart again. Say you scan in a new movie or tv show. Then a few months later when its looking for missing artwork will it add any additional fanart to the extrafanart folder that have been uploaded to the services since the initial scan? Based on what I read it won't because your trying to prevent "duplicates".
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