Beta Artwork Beef - automatically add extended artwork
I've been happily using Artwork Beef for a few months now, with no major problems. Thanks for taking up the baton that Artwork Downloader started Smile

I do have one niggling issue though:

I pre-download most of my artwork (posters, fanart, banners and clearlogos) before adding movies and TV shows to my library, only having AB to register (and optionally download if I don't have them) the clearlogos to the database. I have all other artwork options turned off, as Kodi picks them up itself. I am noticing however that AB adds TV season banners to the database even though I have season-banner set to off in AB's settings, and I have no local season-banners in my files. I don't want season-banners at all, and I have to remove them using the "Remove artwork for media type..." option.

I'm wondering if there's a little bug in there causing this?

Thanks in advance!

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