Beta Artwork Beef - automatically add extended artwork
<Problem seems to be solved, read the edits>

Since Artwork Downloader isn't working anymore i tried giving Artwork Beef a shot.
At first i just installed it and tried it out on my current kodi installation, i had several movies and series that lacked lot's of artwork.
First thing i did was select a single series - > Options -> AB: Add Missing artwork and it gave an error "No web service IDs available, can't look up online: tvshow 'series name'. Then i tried going to addons -> Artwork Beef -> Run -> add missing artwork for: -> All videos. It didn't work also.
Then i tried messing with AB settings and giving it another shot, it didn't work. Then i reset its settings to their defaults and to my surprise, it worked.. it downloaded all missing artwork. I then added more movies and series to kodi and when i tried AB again, it didn't work anymore. I tried everything i did above but it never worked again.
I wanted to try one more time, this time i backed up my movie database and reinstalled kodi from scratch. The only addons i installed were the Eminence 2 mod skin (and all it's dependencies), youtube, Artwork Beef and artwork helper. I imported my database and tried AB again. I did everything i did above but it never worked.

I'm using Jarvis 16.1 because newer versions lack the amcodec for amlogic devices.
My OS is Android 5.1.1
Using the latest version of Artwork Beef
My AB settings are set to their defaults.

Kodi's log here: aguzoyunoy.kodi (paste)
artwork-report here: jidoziluzo (paste)

I hope i provided enough information.
Thanks in advance.

EDIT: I just noticed that it's working fine with movies. The problem seems to be with tv series.

EDIT2: ok i think i made a mistake by backing up my database and importing it to the new kodi installation, whatever was wrong with the tv series id's got backed up too and i think that was the reason it wasn't working even with a fresh install. Either that or the tvdb scrapper messed up something, i don't know.
I just deleted the tv series database and made a full rescan of the files. By doing this, AB started working like it should.
I'm not going to delete this post in case someone has the same problem.
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