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(2018-09-28, 12:56)ctawn Wrote: Hi. Thanks for this!  Where does AB store the images it downloads?   Also, would it possible to have buttons on the movie's Info screen?  The apparently now dead "Artwork Downloader" did.   Would be easier than going to menu>manage>AB.  Thx.
1. If Artwork Beef is configured to download images it will generally download them next to the media items, see documentation for details.
2. Skins can add a button for Artwork Beef just like they can add a button for Artwork Downloader.

@nikkoaki Yeah, the web service IDs must be added by scrapers or NFO files, so if you haven't refreshed the item for a long time it may be missing.

(2018-10-05, 19:47)K0D1User1138 Wrote: I'm curious about Artwork Beef and if it solves a functionality issue that Artwork Downloader does not. I've skimmed some of this thread but didn't pick up on what I am curious about.

Does AB automatically scrape local extra art such as clearlogo, clearart and discart, into the Kodi cache when scraping and does it then use the local cache to recall this artwork until manually changed? If so, what file naming convention does AB pull from the local files? (logo.png or movie title (year)-clearlogo.png)

I've used AD since I began using Kodi but the lack of automatic extra art scraping when it's all local and requiring 2 different naming conventions for extra art because Kodi uses one and AD another is extra work I'd like to avoid having to do.
Yes, Artwork Beef prefers local artwork, it identifies artwork with or without the movie title, and can identify artwork with the proper name "clearlogo" or AD's name "logo". The documentation has more details, but it generally matches and extends Kodi's convention.
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