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(2018-10-19, 02:10)brazen1 Wrote: Hi.  What exactly does 'download existing remote images in the video library' do?  The wiki isn't very clear to me.  I have already downloaded all my artwork locally.  What are remote images and where are they downloading to?  I started to run it and then canceled in case it might screw up my existing artwork.  It said it downloaded 4 files after processing a couple movies.  There was nothing additional in those couple folders?  So where are the four files so I can compare to what I already have?  All my existing artwork was and is downloaded with Artwork Beef fwiw.

Also I ran 'Preload local video and music to cache'.  After about 2 seconds analyzing, it reported zero when finished both times.  What's up with that?
 It downloads images for media items in your library that are still URLs to remote web services like They will generally be downloaded next to your media files, detailed on the Image files page of the documentation.

You didn't include a debug log. What's up with that? Post it, and while debug logging is enabled make sure to run both of the actions you want me to help you with. With 4x more posts around here than I you know how this works.
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