Beta Artwork Beef - automatically add extended artwork
(2019-02-05, 15:29)javcarbe Wrote: Quick question, i have nas server, running mysql, how can i share the artwork in all the devices ... I created a folder in the nas , but im not sure how can i share it for all 
  If you configure Artwork Beef to download artwork it will save them next to the media files for all but music artists - music artist artwork will be saved to Kodi's artwork information folder.
(2019-02-05, 21:25)mark_dj Wrote: How do I get my skin to show the extra fanart? The add-on doesn't download anything I noticed, so how do I get it to download the extra art and let it show them?
  Artwork Beef can be configured to download artwork. The skin you are using must be designed to display artwork.
(2019-02-06, 13:35)hermann_x5 Wrote: Many thanks for this addon. It really helped to complete artwork if none had been added or had been deleted by accident.
What I do not understand: how do I get AB to download additional Fanart/Posters etc. to my local directories. It will only ever (I think ?) download the base pictures, except when I manually select additional Artwork per movie/series. 
I have  deselected "Do not automatically add artwork from web services, only identify local files" for both movies and tvseries and I have configured "Download artwork to local files" for all filetypes for movies and Series and I chose the maximum number of artwork for movies and series. Still after "scan for new local files for video library" or after chosing download all from context menu for movie/series no new files are added ..
  "Scan for new local files" only scans for local files you already have. If you want to add new artwork for items in your library, run it from Program Add-ons. From the context menu, "AB: Add missing artwork" should also download artwork for that single item if any are missing - if it is not, then a debug log or artwork-report (detailed in the first post) may indicate what is going wrong, and posting a screenshot of the "Movies" tab of Artwork Beef config could tell me if it's configured right (AB configuration is awkward so that is easy to do).
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