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(2019-03-02, 02:15)kinghtrider Wrote: I have a question.  I just setup Aeon MQ7 skin and installed the Artwork Beef Add-On andran it on my few movies I am testing with and it downloaded the disc art and other ones but did not put them in the movie folder where I have the other existing artwork.  Where does it download and store the new artwork and can it be configured to store in the individual folders with the movies and other artwork so I don't fill up the internal storage of my Firestick and my Nvidia Shield TV?


By default Artwork Beef doesn't download images, Kodi downloads it as part of its caching process. Artwork Beef can be configured to download artwork to your movie folder.
(2019-03-03, 16:37)baza_dwa Wrote: Two questions about AB:
- I have downloaded some artwork with a low image number limit (3 fanarts), and would add some more, but avoid duplicates. Is it enough to raise limit and run general artwork download for existing items?
- Is there a way to clean (also from disk, or at least from Kodi) all clear* types of artowrk?

1. No, if you have fanart downloaded locally for an item, Artwork Beef won't download more. It does this to avoid duplicates.
2. Artwork Beef can remove specific artwork types if run from Program Add-ons.
(2019-03-08, 22:08)chrissix Wrote: I have tested it out for several weeks, in different skins in different variations, it does not work!

Have you tried modifying the original Estuary just enough to include this? Try also on a clean install of Kodi with just your original database, no add-ons, does it still happen? Does it happen if you have the infolabels all display as individual labels instead of in a fadelabel?
(2019-03-08, 22:08)chrissix Wrote: Please test it out, you will see it. The entry in the wiki may be marked as broken.

I have used something very similar for a couple years now and have not had this problem. I can also guarantee there is a lot more in common with all your tests so far than just this. Narrow it down.
(2019-03-08, 22:08)chrissix Wrote: In addition: There is something wrong here with the random generation, it is usually but not always showing the first fanart, then random but always in the same order.

That randomization is up to Kodi.
(2019-03-08, 22:08)chrissix Wrote: Also if only one backdrop is aviable it is "pulsing" it is not a static display .. there is a change animation

Yup, Kodi does that.
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