Beta Artwork Beef - automatically add extended artwork
(2019-02-18, 22:50)chrissix Wrote: I use 4 thumbs in extrathumbs folder, they are named folliwing (It's the kodi naming convention) and want to copy it to parent folder nearby the other artwork types and rename it the following:
thumb0.jpg -> [media base file name]-[thumb].[jpg] -> not accepted
thumb1.jpg -> [media base file name]-[thumb1].[jpg] -> accepted
thumb2.jpg -> [media base file name]-[thumb2].[jpg] -> accepted
thumb3.jpg -> [media base file name]-[thumb3].[jpg] -> accepted

I've investigated this further and it worked for me once I added "thumb" to "Additional art types for movies". Double check that setting, and make sure to disable "Replace movie 'thumb' with Kodi generated thumb" on the "Advanced" tab.
(2019-02-20, 22:04)chrissix Wrote: and then click on add missing artwork for all videos (new, old, and all in between)
it's picking up all -> main fanart+fanart0-9 = in kodi main fanart+fanart1-10

all ok (but the counter is 10, but it's pickung up all fanart+fanart0-9=11?)

I can't reproduce this. When the counter is 10 Artwork Beef only adds 10 fanart added to the library, with either automated process.
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